“With the 11th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals Select…..”

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“Welcome to the 2019 NFL Draft” is what Commissioner Roger Goodell will be saying in just under a week from now. He will also be saying “With the 11th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals Select…..” or will he? The Draft is full of surprises and unpredictability, which is why it is such a sight to behold for all football fans a like.

When it comes to the Bengals pick at No. 11 there are many different ways it can go. We will go over the draft, how QBs of the draft compare to Dalton, possibilities for the Bengal’s 11th pick, the new coach, and what happened that you might have missed in the off-season.

QB’s VS. Andy Dalton

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Dwayne Haskins

One of the biggest names associated with the Bengals right now is Dwayne Haskins, the fan favorite from Ohio State University. Haskins had a tall task at OSU having to follow up the career of J.T Barrett (undrafted a draft ago). Haskins is 6’3 which puts him at a great height for QB, unfortunately that means nothing when you look at someone like Russel Wilson. He has a great pocket presence and for the most part so does Andy Dalton.

The biggest down side is Haskins has only had 1 year of starting experience at OSU so i question if he is Day 1 ready for the NFL and for the Bengals to use a first round pick on a back up would be very weird to say the least. Haskins is not a running QB and if you have watched the Bengals at all the last 3 seasons, Dalton has needed to run for his life on way more occasions than not.

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Will Grier

This young QB is probably my favorite in the QB class because he has a very good upside for Coach Zac Taylor. The biggest thing is that his NFL comparison from Daniel Jeremiah on NFL’s website is Andy Dalton. Other than Matthew Stafford, Zac Taylor has worked with fairly young QB’s and he respects Dalton even back in his coaching days of Texas A&M. If you can take Grier in the 2nd or maybe even 3rd round (Jeremiah has him as a 4th round talent) you are pretty much starting over with a younger Dalton with great potential.

Learning under Dalton for a year can teach this kid class and humbleness, while also learning a lot from vets like AJ Green, Joe Mixon, Geno Atkins, and Preston Brown. Positives of him are that he has really good arm strength, but his downfield accuracy and footwork are less than desired. If put in the right round you could be hearing about the Grier-Green Connection near in the future.

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Ryan Finley

Interestingly enough, Ryan Finley is the only QB that the Bengals have brought into the facility. They obviously have done their homework on other QBs but why only bring him in? Ryan Finley i can see being a steal in the 4th round but since QB is more of an underdog class in this defensive heavy class he may slip to the 6th round where the Bengals hold 5 picks. Finley’s biggest disadvantage is he doesn’t have the arm strength the Zac Taylor is used to but that can be improved with some conditioning. Andy Dalton would definitely get the start if the Bengals draft Finley but Finley would make a great competitor for Driskel who i also think will be good in Zac Taylor’s Offense.

Possibilities at Pick 11

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Trade with Redskins

One of the things the Bengals are known for is trading back to get more picks because they don’t do much in free agency and try to build with a young upcoming roster. The Redskins are in big need of a QB and will probably go for Drew Lock or Dwayne Haskins if they are available at 11. This would be a good deal if the Bengals can get the 15th overall, a 2nd round, and a 4th round. The Redskins would then get the 11th overall, and 1 or 2 of the Bengals 5 6th round picks. If the deal is good enough i can see the Bengals taking those picks and investing it into trying to move back into the first round or a really early 2nd round pick to bolster their roster.

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Which LB will Defend the Jungle?

What I mean by this is either:

1) Grab Devin White LB LSU. Anyone in Unfiltered can tell you that Devin White is a Beast and will be a day 1 difference maker. They will either have to move up or pray to Goodell that he slips to 11.

2) Take Devin Bush LB Michigan. This would be a good case scenario for the Bengals if they do trade with the Redskins because that means they have faith the Bush will still be there at 15. If he isn’t there this next man is an underdog in that race

3) Shock everyone in the 2nd round and take Mack Wilson LB Alabama. This man has a lot of star potential. As i mentioned before this is an All-Star packed Defensive class and you will get stars in the 2nd and 3rd round. Wilson would be a great snag in the early 2nd round or a big pick if the Bengals move back into the 1st round, maybe with Taylor’s former team?

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Reinforce or Protect Your Investment

You have Dalton under contract for at least another year so maybe instead of getting your defensive guy right off the bat, you go and get one of the limited number of offensive play-makers like:

1) Andre Dillard OT Washington State. This 6’5 monster of a man is projected to go around that 15th pick so if the Bengals do trade back in some situation, Dillard should be there and would be an instant upgrade over the recently resigned Bobby Hart. With the addition of John Miller at RG that right side would possibly be the stronger side of the 2 and would definitely protect Dalton more

2) Cody Ford OT Oklahoma. This is one of the best rated Linemen in this years draft and is highly thought of in the Unfiltered War Room. For the same reasons as Dillard this would be an instant upgrade on which ever side you decide to throw him on.

3) QB of the future……. the reason I am putting this as 3 is because in the first round I just don’t find it necessary for the Bengals to use a first round pick on a QB. In the 2020 draft you may hear switch my tune a bit, but in my personal opinion its not necessary. If they go this route the QB I would pick would be Drew Lock who is ready to play Day 1.

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