Week One Waiver Wire/Free Agent Adds

Football!!!!!!!!  I was just so happy to get that out of my system because football comes back Thursday with the Texans and Chiefs Showdown. So, with football coming back that means fantasy football is coming back and that is even better for us fans of the game and the game. While were all in our start up drafts, drafting the people we want in the re-draft or our dynasty leagues there were a few gems that slipped through the cracks.  

These players would be absolute gems going forward that are available for pick up in most fantasy leagues. Now I am only keeping to redraft for this article because dynasty is a much deeper and more complex style of league and most of the players mentioned have been picked up already so I will put out a dynasty article later on.  Anyway, let get cracking with our week 1 waiver wire pickups. 


Ben Roethlisberger: So, hear me out first.  Big Ben is currently rostered in 72% of leagues so there is a slim chance he is still on the wire in your league, but should he be. Everyone that avoided taking Big Ben I strongly urge a correction in that mistake for at least this week.  

When the Steelers take on the Giants this week, I have full confidence in Big Ben to get the job done against the Giants. Even if Ben is half of what he is used to be that is still good enough to score on Big Blue. The Giants corners are lacking in talent there, so Juju Smith-Schuster and James Washington could come out on top with Ben under center. 

Gardner Minshew: So, with the Jaguars fire-selling and cutting just about everyone with even a shred of talent apart from DJ CharkAJ BouyeJosh Allen, and of course Minshew it is safe to say that they will be behind in most games. So what better time to pick up Gardner Minshew than now? The mustache wonder is rostered in 46% of leagues, so chances are better of finding him on the wire than Big Ben.  Hence why this is a double whammy for the Waiver Wire.   

With the Jags like training in just about every game they will have to pass the ball more. Therefore, you can expect more opportunity to score fantasy points from Minshew than last year. With no Nick Foles to take the weight off of him it will all be on Minshew. 

Running Back: 

Joshua Kelley:  With Justin Jackson dealing with a toe injury on his foot Kelley, who is third on the official Charger depth chart, will now rise up to the number two spot behind Austin Ekeler.  While this does not seem like much but with the bulk of what Melvin Gordon had as a solid RB up for grabs. Considering Ekeler is a dual threat back we could see Jackson receive some of that workload…. but not this week.   

Jackson, who will be limited this week, will have to relegate those touches to Kelley who has put together a quietly nice training camp. I would expect to see the former Bruin shake things up and with a matchup with the Colts I could see Kelley having a nice game. Considering that last season their secondary ranked in the bottom half of the league, making this a dream matchup for Ekeler which could allot Kelley some extra rush attempts. 

Wide Receiver: 

Bryan Edwards: Yes, I said it. A ROOKIE WR on the wire could be something to kick start your year.  Currently Edwards is rostered in only 19% of yahoo leagues and only 9% of ESPN leagues which first off blows my mind but we will get to that later. Edwards is currently listed on the Raider Depth chart as WR2 behind fellow rookie Henry Ruggs but listed as a starter for the Raiders. So, with Tyrell Williams out for the year the Raiders will have to rely on their rookie duo of Edwards and Ruggs at the start against the Carolina Panthers.  

If you couple that with the fact that Edwards has been putting together a nice training camp and possibly outshining Ruggs he could be seen as the #1 WR on the Raiders and could score you a ton of points in the process. Considering Carolina will probably use their CB2 on Edwards and it is a secondary that ranked in the middle of the league of the league last year and has only gotten worse. 

Tight End: 

Chris Herndon:  So bias pick, possibly, but I have logically reasoning behind this.  Herndon in his 2018 campaign formed a tight connection with Sam Darnold who helped the Jets realize that they can use the TE position as more than just another Offensive Linemen (trouble being that the TE would usually be the best OL).   

So, when the 2019 season came around, he was forgotten by the Fantasy community due to his suspension and hamstring injury but with a healthy Herndon in 2020 we could see the connection happen again.  Jamison Crowder will more than likely be Target #1 on the Jets but with Darnold’s love for target the Tight End and Slot Receiver we could see Herndon explode back on to the scene once against as a top TE and with the Jets facing Buffalo who gave up a lot of points to that position last year I could expect a repeat. 

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