The Main Event: A Summer the NBA Will Never Forget

History Repeats Itself

     The summer of 2010 is one NBA fans will never forget with “The Devision”. The 2003 NBA Draft is another night that changed the league forever with what may be the best draft class in league history. Well the summer of 2019 may bring us another historic offseason that shapes the new era of basketball. From the draft class that includes Zion Williamson to the Lakers trying to build LeBron one more title team. Everyone needs to sit back and grab some popcorn cause we are about to see history shape up before our very eyes.

2019 NBA Draft Class

     This draft class has the most highly touted player since the 2003 NBA Draft in Zion Williamson. He should be going to the New Orleans Pelicans which should re shape the middle of the pack franchise. Other highly sought after players include Ja Morant and RJ Barrett which should round out the top 3 picks. There are also prospects like Jarrett Culver and Coby White with tons of upside in the next tier down. A draft with future stars and underrated talent depth should be the blasting cap to set of the dynamite we will see over the summer. 

Free Agency

     With the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson we may have lost a little sizzle to the spice here. But with names like Kawhi Leonard,  D’Angelo Russell, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmy Butler still out there it makes for one of the best free agencies ever. Look for teams like the Lakers, Suns, Nets, and Knicks really trying to make a splash here.

What We Know

  The Lakers receive: Anthony Davis while the Pelicans revieve: 3 1st round picks and Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart. The Pelicans now have 2 of the first 4 picks in this draft along with a few young stars. The Lakers have landed what they think is the start to stand beside LeBron for a title push. Long term I give the win of this trade to New Orleans.

Chris Paul wants out of Houston. Whoever actually makes a move to pick up that contract will regret it in a year maybe less.

Everyone should tune in on June 20th to see the start of this historic offseason. You could see the next big thing in Zion Williamson begin his journey to stardom. You could see teams get a jump start by attacking the trade market. 2003……2010……2019? We will find out soon.

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