Teddy’s On The Move

Teddy Bridgewater is likely to be on the move again after the Carolina Panthers traded for Quarterback Sam Darnold. Bridgewater had a very disappointing season after receiving a massive three-year 63 million dollar contract this past offseason. Bridgewater finished in the bottom of passing TDs after throwing only 15 and threw a total of 11 interceptions. Adding insult to injury, he finished at the bottom of the league in both passer rating and QBR. While also having an abysmal 4-11 record as a starter. I know what you’re thinking reading that. Who on earth would want those stats? However, I do think Teddy can bring a lot to a team, and there were some positives to this year. Teddy had one of the best completion percentages among QB’s. He finished 5th in the entire NFL with a 69.1 completion percentage. He also finished 11th in yards per attempt, finishing above Brady, Herbert, Wilson, Ryan, and Mayfield. Teddy also had five rushing TD’s. He also wasn’t done many favors with his below-average O-line, which finished 18th on PFF’s Season O-line rankings. Teddy is not the best QB out there but can be a decent game manager Esque QB that can win you some games on a good team. Below I will discuss his worth and the three teams I could see trading for him. 

We have seen plenty of QB’s get traded this offseason. Carson Wentz, Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff. I think Teddy is in a similar situation to Carson Wentz. Both 28-year-old QB’s coming off very poor years and on massive deals. However, there are a lot more excuses and upside to Carson Wentz than Bridgewater. The Indianapolis Colts traded a 2021 third and a 2022 unconditional second-round pick. I think a similar but less valuable haul could be on the table for whatever team traded for Teddy. His contract will also hurt his value because whatever team trades for him will most likely take on his contract. I think a current fourth and a pick from next year or a third from next year could pry Teddy away from the Panthers. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes for a little less. Now let’s discuss what teams are in a position to trade for Teddy.

Where could he end up?

The Denver Broncos would be in a win now position if it wasn’t for having one of the worst starting QB’s in the league in Drew lock. Lock had maybe the worst year of any starting QB this year. With an abysmal 57.3 completion percentage, a league-high of 15 interceptions, a bottom tier 48.8 QBR, and an awful 6.6 Y/A. Teddy would be an instant upgrade to Lock and allow the team to draft freely at pick number 8. Teddy was his best recently when he played for the New Orleans Saints and led the team to a 5-1 record. Even then, he wasn’t the most impressive Quarterback on the field, but what he did do was win ball games. With the Broncos sneaky good defense, He could replicate that winning because he doesn’t have to be that good. In that 6 stint with the Saints, he wasn’t elite. He just managed the game very well and let the defense do its work. However, I don’t know the likelihood of this happening because of where the Broncos pick. With the Panthers trading for Darnold, they’re out of the running for a QB. This leaves one less team to be in contention for a new Quarterback. This puts the Broncos in a prime position to trade up from pick nine or stay and take stud Quarterback, Trey Lance, or Mac Jones. The other reason being is that the Broncos front office is so high on Drew Lock. I don’t even know if they’ll take a QB because of the entire front office being convinced that Lock can be something good in the future. All in all, this would be a good fit for Teddy, but I’m not super sure it will happen.

The Chicago Bears made their fanbase punch walls and cry when they signed Andy Dalton as their new starting QB. While their social media team has painted the picture that Dalton is QB1, I’m not convinced. I mean it’s Andy freaking Dalton. His prime is way past us, and I don’t think it’s close to how much better Teddy is. Second, Teddy could serve as a backup plan if they’re really convinced Andy is the QB1, and it doesn’t work out.  With the entire coaching staff and some of the front office on the hot seat, I think they would trade for Teddy to save their jobs. Like the Broncos, the Bears have a solid defense, and the fact they won 8 games with Trubisky and Foles means there is so much potential. I’m not saying Teddy will be better than them, but I do think that if you put him in that situation, he will perform better than them. Teddy on that bears team sets them up to win about 9-10 ball games and make the playoffs, which would probably save the coaches on the hot seat. The only thing holding the Bears ack from making this trade is the current QB roster. Nick Foles is on a massive deal, and they just signed Andy Dalton to a 10 million dollar deal. Teddy is on a massive deal, and adding him would make an expensive QB room. However, with Dalton out in a year and Foles only taking a 3.6 mil penalty next year, Teddy would be in a prime position to be their QB of the future. Overall this is the best fit for Teddy. It puts him with an excellent supporting cast and a stacked defense. 

One more landing spot you might not see coming

The last team I’m going to talk about is more of a dark horse candidate, but I think they could potentially be in the running. That team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. With Ben Roethlisberger retiring next year, and a lackluster QB room, the Steelers could be a good fit for Teddy. While they have a former 15th overall pick on the bench, he is only on a one-year deal, and I would argue he shouldn’t be their next option. As someone who resides in Maryland, I would watch Haskins play, and he looked awful. It’s fitting Washington would win games when he didn’t start. With the weapons the Steelers have in Chase Claypool, Diontae Johnson, Juju Smith- Schuster, Teddy would thrive in this system. The Steelers defense is doing most of the work anyway and would take a lot of the pressure off. I think there is a real argument to be made that Teddy could be a Steeler. 

It will be interesting to see where Teddy ends up this offseason. Will he start? Will he be a backup? I see it as 50/50 because many teams have better options than him. However, don’t be surprised If Teddy suits up week one as a starter. 

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