Redskins @ Eagles Week One Preview

Finally, Eagles regular season football is back! Will the Eagles score a W week one? Or will Keenum get his revenge?

It’s been almost 240 days since the Philadelphia Eagles have stepped on the field to play football. Last year did not end the way the Eagles wanted, and we hope that the story is going to be different this season. 

It all starts in week one where the Eagles will play against their division foes the Washington Redskins. Washigton is coming off of a year filled with injuries, their QB Alex Smith suffered a broken tibula and fibula, effectively ending his 2018 campaign, Alex Smith may never be able to play football again. 

The Redskins

The Redskins do have a new starting quarterback this year, QB Case Keenum, Keenum has been a journeyman in his nine years in the NFL, playing for five different teams. Case Keenum actually has played the Eagles before, when the Eagles were in the 2018 NFC championship game, the Eagles beat Keenum’s Vikings 38-7. Philadelphia won the Super Bowl that year, and Case Keenum has some extra motivation this game, knowing that if he beat the Eagles, he could’ve played in the Super Bowl.

The Eagles:

The Eagles are coming off of an injury filled season, losing QB Carson Wentz to a fractured vertebrae in the back was a huge loss for the team, luckily the Eagles had Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles as the backup QB and he won a playoff game. The only issue this year, is the Eagles lost their backup signal caller in the offseason as he signed a contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars to become their starting quarterback. If the Eagles want to succeed this year, they need to have Carson Wentz stay healthy, with the insurance policy in Nick Foles not in Philadelphia.

Game Preview:

The Eagles and Redskins have been back and forth on who wins in the last few years, in the last four matchups, the Eagles have won every time. The Eagles team is much more stable than the Redskins, the Eagles have had consistency with most of their starters, 21/25 of the Eagles starters were on the team last year. Talent wise as well, the Eagles are superior on all three sides of the ball, having a better offense, defense, and special teams unit than the Redskins do. 

Player to watch:

This week, I am going with our nickel corner Avonte Maddox, Maddox is coming off of a great rookie year, and even though he was a rookie, he sometimes played like the best player on the field. I really like this matchup because the strength of the Redskins WR core is the speed aspect. Avonte Maddox is the fastest corner on the Eagles, and I think he can neutralize the strength of the Redskins this week.

Score Prediction:

I think the Eagles are a superior team, however divisional games are rough, because of the history between the two franchises. I think this will be a low scoring game, the Redskins and Eagles defenses are both pretty talented even with a couple of injuries. On offense, the Redskins offense is one of the worst in the NFL, especially with offensive tackle Trent Williams sitting out due to a contract dispute. On the other hand, the Eagles offense is far superior at almost every position on offense.


Eagles 20 Redskins 13

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