NFL Draft 2019: QB Rankings

The 2019 NFL Draft class doesn’t have an Andrew Luck or even a definite Baker Mayfield level player. That doesn’t mean there aren’t several franchise level passers. I would argue that there are as many as four first round graded passers, and handful of second day prospects. All of whom could develop into solid starting caliber players at the next level.

*The following prospects are ranked based off a number of factors, including film grade, level of competition, and physical traits.

The Rankings

  1. Kyler Murray, Oklahoma
  2. Drew Lock, Missouri
  3. Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State
  4. Will Grier, West Virginia
  5. Daniel Jones, Duke


  • Murray is one of the best throwing mobile QB’s that I have ever personally scouted, should be one of the fast players on the field as well. But his lack of size (5-10, 205 lbs), potential to go play baseball, interview troubles and lack of collegiate experience (17 starts) keep Murray from being of the All-Time great prospects despite his great film.
  • Lock has been largely overlooked by the media because of his inconsistent accuracy, but make no mistake Lock is the real deal. I’ll take a prospect with 45 starts in the tough SEC conference, Top end physical traits, Tangible improvement in terms of accuracy and footwork each year, and the type of leadership and personality that should bode well in the NFL. He is the to evaluate and the QB prospect I would be most likely to draft.
  • Haskins has an above average NFL arm, was incredibly productive at Ohio State, and projects to fit well with several NFL teams, like the New York Giants. The downside is that Haskins has 14 total starts in an offense that heavily featured screens and slants, making him a tough evaluation.
  • Grier is likely the second most accurate passer in this class and has a stronger arm than I expected. He played in offense that featured far too few NFL throws and an abundance of pre-snap reads, and had a fumble problem in college. Overall I think Grier, could end up being an overachiever at the next level if he is able to sit for a year or two.
  • Every year one second day graded QB is almost lazily tabbed as first round pick. This year Jones, is likely that player. A good anticipatory thrower with good size and mobility, Jones is hampered by inconsistency. A deep ball that has alot of air under it and could easily lead to interceptions at the next level limits his upside.

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