New York Giants 2019 Schedule LEAKED!

The 2019 schedule for the New York Giants has been leaked and oh boy is it interesting. The New look Giants (see what I did there) will no longer have the big names you’re used too like Odell Beckham Jr., Landon Collins, or Oliver Vernon. That being said the Giants have spent this offseason addressing the Offensive Line and stocking draft capital. The NFL Draft next week will help clarify what the Week 1 roster will be, but as of right now the Giants can actually win some of their early games this year but we will see about that.

Starting out against the Cowboys in Dallas is never easy but with Saquan Barkley and this improved Offensive Line, I think the Giants can give the Cowboys a “run” for their money Week 1. Then comes 3 games against the Bills, Bucs, and Redskins, all 3 of those are very winnable games but the Week 4 game is extra special because Landon Collins will return to Metlife for the first time since signing with the Redskins this offseason.

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The Giants schedule will feature 3 prime time games this year, They have one Thursday Night Football game and that will be Week 6 in New England to take on the Patriots. Their 2 Monday Night Football games will come Week 9 home against the Dallas Cowboys and Week 14 in Philadelphia.  I put the entire schedule for the New York Giants below with my predictions for how this season will turn out! Tell me how you think the season shakes out and compare it to mine! Let me know how I stacked up

Giants Record Prediction:

Week 1: @ Dallas Cowboys LOSS

Week 2: vs. Buffalo Bills WIN

Week 3: @ Tampa Bay WIN

Week 4: vs. Washington LOSS

Week 5: vs. Minnesota Vikings LOSS

Week 6: @ New England Patriots (TNF) LOSS

Week 7: vs. Arizona Cardinals WIN

Week 8: @ Detroit Lions WIN

Week 9: vs. Dallas Cowboys WIN

Week 10: @ New York Jets LOSS

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: @ Chicago Bears LOSS

Week 13: vs. Green Bay Packers WIN

Week 14: @ Philadelphia Eagles LOSS

Week 15: vs. Miami Dolphins WIN

Week 16: @ Washington Redskins WIN

Week 17: vs. Philadelphia Eagles LOSS

New York Giants 2019 Overall Record: 8-8

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