Jets 2019 NFL Draft recap: The safe and the risk

The 2019 NFL draft came and it went, the birth of new stars to the league is an event widely celebrated, and in the last few years it has been even more popular. This year the draft was held in Nashville, Tennessee, where over 600,000 fans went to the event. This year, we saw one of the most talented defensive drafts in recent history. The defensive line draft this year was very talented and had a lot of great depth as well. The New York Jets drafted two of the most talented 4-3 D-Linemen in this year’s draft, one who is a very safe pick, and one who is a very risky pick.

The safe:

With the third overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the New York Jets selected Quinnen Williams out of Alabama. He was #1 on my board out of anyone in the draft, and considered one of the guys with a high ceiling and a low floor. Even though he was a one year star at Alabama, the tape doesn’t lie, and he was a very safe pick for the Jets. The biggest question I have is, where are the Jets going to put him on the defensive line. I think the two options is at nose tackle, or taking Henry Anderson’s role with the Jets last season. He would be a freak athlete at the nose tackle, and his 19.5 tackles for a loss is a sign that he could play at the position, but if I were the Jets, even though I like Henry Anderson a lot, I would play him at the 3-4 DE position, because of his talent as a pass rusher and his speed allows him to fit well in that spot. He would be a great mix of talent and athleticism alongside Leonard Williams on the DL.

Overall: I give this pick an A, if I were the Jets I would’ve tried to trade down before Buffalo to get more picks and Ed Oliver, who I have rated slightly worse than Williams. But, the Jets picked up a great player here, who will be an impact player on the Jets DL for years to come.

The risk:

Jachai Polite coming out of Florida had a 1st round grade after watching tape of him, however this offseason turned him into a for sure 1st round pick, to a day 2 guy. He probably had one of the worst combine’s of any player in a while. For a guy who is touted for his speed and athleticism, he ran a 4.84 40 yard dash. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t value 40 yard dashes for defensive linemen that much over corners and receivers who need athleticism to play their position well. So, I’m ok if that’s it, but wait there’s more. Polite also gained a lot of weight and had bad interviews. Which definitely hurt his draft stock.

Having many people question if Polite has a real love for the game is a question, many scouts and coaches would have him off of their boards. However, I think this pick could be very good for the Jets. Polite gets to join a great locker room filled with guys who can help him grasp an appreciation for the game. But the biggest reason why I love this pick for the Jets is, Gregg Williams. Having a coach who will want everything out of you, and an intense environment is good for players with issues on and off the field. I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of bountygate, and without that scandal, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a head coaching position again in the NFL, but he had the 3rd best winning percentage as the head coach of the Browns of all time, and watching numerous interviews with him, I think the drill sergeant mentality would be great for the Jets.


I would actually give this a B+, the Jets really needed to find an edge rusher in this year’s draft, I am happy the Jets took him here, instead of trading up for WR Mecole Hardman (numerous reports reported the Jets had interest in trading up for him at #57 with the Eagles, but the Chiefs took him at #57. Polite in my opinion is the better player and a better need for the Jets. Jamison Crowder may not be as fast as Hardman, but he’s a better fit in the slot.

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