Jaylon Smith Extension Domino Effect? Deals Coming Soon?

Jaylon Smith recently signed a four year extension with the Cowboys, keeping him under contract for six more years. This deal may prove to be the marquee deal that opens up the Cowboys championship window.

An ambiguous press release stating that the Cowboys were about to release a major extension got the speculation juices pumping. Is Dak getting his $40M deal? Is the Zeke holdout coming to an end? Or is the ever quiet Amari Cooper getting his contract extension? While none of these have yet happened, Smith’s could have a domino effect that sets the rest of these deals in motion.

Backing up the Brinks truck for Zeke?

Earlier today, Ed Werder reported that the Cowboys have offered running back, Ezekiel Elliott, a very generous contract extension. The deal in question would make Elliott the second highest paid running back in the league, behind Todd Gurley. While it still remains up in the air whether or not Zeke will accept the deal, this move definitely brings both sides back to the negotiating table. Before this offer was extended, it was reported on ESPN’s morning show Get Up! that a deal would be done before the start of the season. Seeing Smith get paid well caught everyone’s attention and re-opened the lines of communication between Zeke and the Cowboys.

Updates on Dak and Amari

As for quarterback Dak Prescott, there have been some mixed reports saying that Dak is asking for $40M annually. There are reports out that Dak is not asking for $40M. Negotiations are reportedly still ongoing and owner Jerry Jones remains optimistic all three deals will get done soon. In May, Dak said that there was no hurry to get his extension. When asked about if there was any pressure to get a deal done, Dak shrugged it off with ease. Dak stated that there were mutual feelings between him and the front office about his future with the Cowboys and he’s in no rush to get the deal done. “I know it will get done.”

Cooper has been patient and quiet regarding his upcoming contract extension. Cooper is in the same boat as Prescott, he is in no rush to get the deal done. He is likely being patient and seeing what kind of deal Falcons star receiver Julio Jones gets. Saints star Michael Thomas signed a record breaking deal where he is making $20M annually. Cooper has seen that and is likely waiting to see what Jones’ deal does to the market before pushing for his new deal.

Jaylon Smith is a fan favorite, especially after overcoming everything he has since his devastating knee injury before being drafted by the Cowboys. He got paid his well deserved big contract, and Jerry Jones is perfectly happy using this contract as a strong negotiating tactic. Time to let the dominoes fall where they may.

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