He may not be a Cardinal, but Kyler Murray will certainly be the #1 Pick

After months of the first overall pick seeming to be already made for former Oklahoma Quarterback Kyler Murray, CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco reported that the Cardinals “will go in a different direction” with the pick. Many have speculated on the potential slide of Murray after pick #1, but I believe one of two things could be going on here, both having to do with trades.

The Cardinals will actually take Murray

This is no indictment on the Pete Prisco report, I truly believe it came from inside the Cardinals organization. I do however believe this could be one last attempt to raise the trade value of last years’ first round pick Josh Rosen. As the transparency of the Murray trade dropped it to an all-time low. If this is the case, expect the Cardinals to try to move Rosen by the time the draft starts. If that happens the Cardinals will actually take Murray.

The Cardinals trade the first pick

If Prisco’s report is accurate, then the Cardinals have likely been trying to increase the trade value of the draft’s top pick since the beginning. Traditionally the best way return on a top pick only comes when a top QB is the presumptive selection. A team like the Raiders, Giants, Redskins, or Dolphins will trade multiple early round selections for the pick.


In either case, I am nearly certain that Kyler Murray will be the number one overall pick. If not, the Cardinals should fire its entire front office because of the damage it may have done to it’s relationship to Rosen without securing either a replacement or multiple premium selections to assist in Rosen’s development.

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