Four Paths: A in depth Look at the New York Jets 2019 1st round pick options.

Four paths, four different options for a franchise, who has struggled since Rex Ryan was the coach. The New York Jets now have light, with a new head coach and defensive coordinator who will make sure their players are accountable, a swiss army knife at running back who can run, catch, and block. The final piece was taken with the third overall pick last year, USC’s quarterback Sam Darnold. With the Jets holding the third overall pick this year, which player will they take? …. Or will they not take a player at #3?

In this article, I will take a look at different draft scenarios for the New York Jets when their picks come around. I believe there are four different ways the Jets will go in the 2019 NFL draft.

Scenario 1:

ARI: QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma
SF: DE Nick Bosa, Ohio State

In my opinion, this is likely going to be how the board will look like, even though Ian Rapoport reports that it would be surprising if Quinnen Williams was on the board at #3, scouts seem to really like Nick Bosa,  to the point where some of them say that he could be better than his older brother Joey, the 49ers are likely going to take Bosa if he’s on the board. Even though I think Kyler Murray to Arizona may be one of the most confusing choices in NFL history, because of the fact the Cardinals took Josh Rosen last year, I think the Cardinals will take Kyler Murray, based off of Kliff Kingsbury’s love for  him.

So, if I had to make the pick for the Jets, I would take a peek at my board, and the Jets needs entering the draft. Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen are the only two logical selections in my opinion. I have Quinnen as my #1 player on my board, and Josh Allen is my #4. However, the Jets were targeting a speedy pass rusher in free agency, who is very versatile. His name is Anthony Barr, Barr had cold feet and went back to Minnesota. One player who could fit that role is Josh Allen, they are even so similar that Lance Zierlein has Barr as Allen comp on


Jets select Josh Allen EDGE  Kentucky.

Senario 2:

ARI: QB Kyler Murray

SF: Quinnen Williams

The situation has changed a little bit this time around, now Nick Bosa is available at #3, the only concern I have with Nick Bosa at #3, is Josh Allen a better scheme fit, and are Bosa’s injuries a worry for teams. Overall however, Bosa is a better player the question is do you take best player available, or best scheme fit.


Jets select Nick Bosa EDGE Ohio State.

Scenarios 3 & 4:

ARI: EDGE Nick Bosa

SF: EDGE Josh Allen

This scenario has two different outcomes for the Jets, they could go best player available and take Quinnen Williams, however if I were the Jets I would consider trading down if you could, because in my opinion, the Jets need an edge rusher, or a OLmen to protect their QB Sam Darnold. It would be a coin flip for me, because you can trade down with a team get a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick, which means you can draft an edge guy and a quality offensive lineman. On the other hand, Quinnen Williams is a heck of a football player, if Leonard Williams and Henry Anderson wasn’t on the Jets, Williams would’ve been the clear cut pick.


Jets select Quinnen Williams DL Alabama


Jets trade the pick to the Redskins for the 15th pick, 46th pick, and a 2020 1st.

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