Daniel Jones Deserves More Respect

*note: The Following is an impassioned plea to Giants nation, and all NFL fans to take a second look at Daniel Jones and see that the Giants future is in good hands.

Hey people listen up, I was the first person to be anti Daniel Jones and man do i regret that. When the Giants selected Jones at #6 overall I was PISSED! especially with Josh Allen sitting there waiting to be taken.

I went on quite the epic twitter rant even almost throwing up. After a long night and some much needed sleep, I sat down and began researching and studying the Giants new signal caller. I was pleasantly surprised what the tape showed, his numbers are very misleading and doesn’t demonstrate the below average talent he was surrounded with at Duke.

The Facts

I’ll just start off with the fact last year alone his receivers dropped 33 passes. 33! Let’s dive deeper into Mr. Jones to get the rest of you on the bandwagon. Enjoy the collection of videos and stats that will be sure to change your mind.

As you can see from Baldy’s breakdown that Daniel Jones have a ton of professional qualities. The kid can run, throw, make players better around him, and his arm talent is undeniable. Daniel Jones also had practically zero blocking at Duke (25 sacks last season). So yes his numbers are atrocious against top 20 teams but that’s because he’d have .5 seconds to throw the ball.

Also consider the fact that most of time his receivers couldn’t get any separation from their defenders but he still found a way to get the ball in a catch-able position. “Baldy” does a further breakdown showing DJ’s skills in this video below.

So you take all that you’ve seen in these videos coupled with the plays he’s made in OTA’s (click here for reports) and you have to be excited. Daniel Jones has the best throwing anticipation out of any QB in this years draft. I think with a year of sitting behind Eli he can come in and be an impact player.

With his ability to get the ball out of his hands quickly and accurately you have to think Pat Shurmur’s offense would be ideal for him. I look forward to seeing what this man can do in the future. Phil Simms agrees in this article.

One last note. Madden rating him below undrafted free agents is just straight up disrespectful and they clearly showed their lack of research skills in their ratings. They will be fixing them shortly. Here are some more highlights for you guys

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