Dallas Cowboys: 5 Most Important Players for 2019

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1. Dak Prescott

The coaching staff has reshaped the offense to cater more to Prescott’s style of play. Last season trade addition of Amari Cooper propelled revitalize the Cowboys offense in a way that would be the driving force in saving the season. Now the addition of Randall Cobb, the return of Jason Witten and promotion of new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore presents Dak with the necessary tools needed to be successful in 2019. Deal and additions or not Prescott must prove he is worth being considered in conversation with the NFL elite and most of all if he can be the Cowboys franchise quarterback for the forseeable future.

It all begins and ends with Dak Presscott. The Cowboys quarterback enters his fourth year with pressure of leading the team to a deep playoff run and possible super bowl appearance. The decision on whether he’s worth a $30 million dollar deal has been extinguished by Jerry Jones confidence that the front office is anxious to get a deal done. The deal would make Presscott one of the highest paid quarterbacks along side new extended Carson Wentz

By Unfiltered Cowboys Contributor Tony Monk 

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