Clearing up the murky NBA G.O.A.T debate

The Hier to the Best

LeBron James

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  • Titles: 3
  • All-Time Stats: 32543 Points/ 8880 Rebounds/ 8662 Assists
  • Per Game Stats: 27.2 PPG/ 7.4 RPG/ 7.2 APG
  • PER: 27.6



When LeBron James entered the NBA straight out of high school, he faced expectations (some of which he created) that no other player in history could relate to. He surpassed them in ways no one thought possible. LeBron has three NBA titles, and has been the best player in basketball for a longer period of time than most people thought was possible.

There are serious concerns on LeBron’s resume that may keep him from dethroning Jordan as the G.O.A.T, such as his epic meltdown in the 2011 NBA finals, or his finals record, or the spotlight placed on him during the social media era. This is why I defined greatest vs best earlier in the article, because while he may never be the greatest, he may already be the best.

No player in NBA history has the combination of size, speed, strength, athleticism, scoring, passing, rebounding, and defense. It shows statistically as well as LeBron could realistically finish his career with 37,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, and 10,000 assists, a feet no one else has come close to.

The last thing LeBron may need is a title with a 3rd franchise, which with the acquisition of Anthony Davis this off-season, appears closer than it has in a few seasons. I would already consider LeBron the best ever already, but if he finishes his Lakers contract with the outlined statistics above, and another title, I believe that the debate will be definitively decided.

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