Clearing up the murky NBA G.O.A.T debate

The G.O.A.T

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Michael Jordan

  • Titles: 6
  • All- Time Stats: 32292 Points/ 6672 Rebounds/ 5633 Assists
  • Per Game Stats: 30.1 PPG/ 6.2 RPG/ 5.3 APG
  • PER: 27.9



Jordan, the day he was drafted, became the most exciting player in NBA history. The Shoes, the long shorts, the unbelievable dunks, and amazing drive to win captivated America and the world. Once the titles came in the early 90’s he began to enter the G.O.A.T conversation.

Now, what makes Jordan the G.O.A.T? He has certainly played himself into that conversation but what makes him head and shoulders above, as he is often received? The Answer is simple, the league needed him to be.

The late 80’s/Early 90’s saw both Bird & Magic begin to fade away, and with them, the television ratings and attendance began to fall. The league needed a star. It needed a new direction. It needed new life.

Jordan Saves Basketball

At the point when the league was struggling more than it had in a decade, it found it’s new star in the form of a young man from UNC with an enormous shoe deal and abnormally long shorts. Jordan’s exciting style, winning attitude and legendary scoring prowess rescued the league when it needed it the most.

In turn the league did something sports leagues rarely do, they began to push the narrative of Jordan as the G.O.A.T, long before even his first retirement. It also overlooked his star teammates (Dennis Rodman & Scottie Pippen) the point where it often seems he won those six titles on his own.

I am in no way stating Jordan does not deserve to be the G.O.A.T, what I am saying is that the league, and Nike for that matter stand to continue benefiting from this narrative going unchallenged. I believe that Jordan is either the 2nd or 3rd best player to ever grace the hardwood so this is no insult piece.

Not the best, but will always will be the greatest.

So that you know that I’m not crazy here is an article on Bleacher Report stating the same thing. Click here

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