Chris Smith’s RB Rankings 2.0


  • This is a very deep Draft Class of Running Back talent, but there is no generational talent like a Saquon Barkley or Adrian Peterson. Instead I have divided the top backs in this class into two tiers
  • Tier 1 is Solid Lead RB’s, these are backs that can do everything well but aren’t excellent enough in any one area to be an All-Pro. This class makes up my top 4 RB’s Jacobs, Harris, Montgomery, and Williams, and all of them have solid arguments to be RB1. Bryce Love would be in this class if he weren’t injured
  • Tier 2 is made up of high end committee RB’s: These players have displayed the tools to be great in specific roles but don’t seem to fit as a 20 rush per game player. The rest of the top 10 fall in this category but it’s especially true of Hill, Holyfield, and Sanders
  • A healthy Bryce Love would have ranked #4

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