April 9th 2019: History


As I sit here at 11:30 pm I am letting all the emotion hit me at once. Tonight was not just a night of celebrating legacies but also a night of drama reaching an apex. From celebrating our heroes having one last swan song to a historic franchise hitting rock bottom. The emotions of April 9th 2019 will be felt for a very long time for all NBA die hard fans.

Father Prime Says Goodbye

The farewell video the Miami Heat showed before the game said it all. There will never be another Dwyane Wade. A great human and a legend to the game of basketball would be an understatement. In his final home game Wade turns back the clock with a 30 point performance and there wasn’t a dry eye in the arena. I was sitting there reflecting on all the memories and found myself emotional. Thank you D-Wade for all the memories.

Dirk Doesn’t Disappoint…… Oh Hey Jamal Crawford

Dirk Nowitzki announced his retirement finally to the NBA world. He also sent the fans home happy with a 30 point performance himself. In a class act Mark Cuban told Dirk he would have a job for life. The legend gave a speech for the ages and again emotions filled the arena and I found myself getting choked up. Thanks for the memories Dirk and I hope we still see you around the game. One more thing… Jamal Crawford almost stole the show scoring 51 points for the Phoenix Suns. That is the new record for oldest player scoring over 50 in a game. Tonight was the night of legends! It was like being in a time machine set for 2010.

No Magical Act

Magic Johnson stepped down as the Lakers president. Watching him cry as he stated all his disappointment in a 40 minute speech was hard to watch. You could feel the emotion as if he had let the organization down. The story is far from over here though. What role did LeBron James play in this? Will Luke Walton still be fired? Are the Lakers doomed? Was Magic Johnson a good president? Probably not. But does a man of his stature stepping away speak volumes? ABSOLUTELY! Also Luka Doncic borke Magic Johnson’s record for most triple doubles before age 21. Just not a good day for the Laker legend.

And to top off the night we had a Paul George buzzer beating 3 to keep the Thunder from falling to the 8th seed. Also a crushing loss for the Houston Rockets. A night like this does not happen often in sports. A night of legacies being remembered and historic performances. If this is a sign of how the playoffs will be then sign me up!

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