2022 NFL Draft: Carson Strong Profile


Carson was born to parents Chris and Kris strong on September 14th 1999 in Vacaville California. Strong threw for 3191 yards, 31 touchdowns and 4 interceptions while attending Wood High School in Vacaville. The 3 star recruit missed his senior season with a knee injury.

Best Trait: Arm Strength

Strong (appropriately named by the way) might just have the strongest arm in this draft class. He routinely demonstrates it on deep routes, but his real talent is zipping in passes into tight windows with his velocity on short to intermediate throws. That’s probably his most translatable trait to the NFL game, especially as a young player that’s still learning anticipatory throws.

Worst Trait: Deep Accuracy 

This is one of more controversial takes as Strong is known to have a really good deep ball. My concern is the vast number of passes that are overthrown by several yards seemingly on a game by game basis. The more I watch Strong throw, it looks less like he’s just inaccurate and more like he’s just trying to avoid interceptions. Nearly every one of his deep misses seems to miss in the safest possible place almost every time. That’s encouraging. If he can settle down a bit and worry less about turnovers, he should be able to correct this in the 2021 season.

What we need to see next season:

 Strong needs to continue his development mentally in 2021. More playing time should lead to better pocket presence, better deep throw accuracy and better anticipation. If that happens Strong could easily end up as the QB1 in 2021

Final (Summer) Grade and Outlook:

  • Final (Summer) Grade: 7.57/10
  • Way too early draft projection: Late First Round Pick/ Early Second
  • Pro Comp(s): Derek Carr

Outlook: With prototypical size, arm strength, functional pocket mobility and a tendency to pick up his play in clutch situations; Strong gives NFL evaluators alot to work with leading up to the 2022 NFL Draft. If he can clean up some of the mental errors he can develop into a long term starter for the right organization on Sundays.

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