2020 NFL Draft QB Prospect Preview: The Top Tier

After a few years of mostly unheralded QB classes (though 2016 and 2018 turned out really good), we appear to be on the outset of one of the best QB classes on record. There is alot of football left to play, but there are four QBs that feel like locks to receive a first round grade, all of which could be special. There are also several second tier Quarterbacks that could end up with round one grades as well.

1) Justin Herbert, Oregon

  • Size: 6-6 235lbs
  • 2018 Stats: 3151 Passing yards, 28 Touchdowns, 8 Interceptions, 59.4 Completion %

Despite issues with accuracy dropping when his first read isn’t there, Herbert is too talented to slip past the first spot. He has elite arm strength, pinpoint accuracy on most throws, and above average athletic ability for a player his size. The extra year of school should be more than enough time to clean up the holes in his game. His ceiling appears to be extremely high.

Pro Comparison: Dante Culpepper, Retired, Minnesota Vikings

2) Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

  • Size: 6-1 218lbs
  • 2018 Stats: 3966 Passing Yards, 43 Touchdowns, 8 Interceptions, 69.0 Completion %

After one of the most spectacular seasons in recent memory, many have Tua as the top QB on their boards, with some heralding him as the best in several years. The Alabama QB demonstrates special anticipatory skills, and very rarely throws an inaccurate pass. I have him second due to his drop off in play at the end of last season, he could easily end this season with the top spot on this list.

*Note: Tua is a difficult evaluation due to the extraordinary receiving talent currently at Alabama. My assessment factors in that talent.

Pro Comparison: Chad Pennington (with Mobility), Retired, New York Jets

3) Jake Fromm, Georgia

  • Size: 6-2 220lbs
  • 2018 Stats: 2761 Passing Yards, 30 Touchdowns, 6 Interceptions, 67.4 Completion %

Fromm demonstrates the accuracy, arm talent and leadership necessary to win at the NFL level. His talent and success at the college level make him a sure fire first round pick. He does seem to have some issues feeling pressure from the backside, this has caused a number of fumbles as well. Those numbers could make the hand size test more important for Fromm than most QB’s.

Pro Comparison: Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams

4) Jordan Love, Utah State

  • Size: 6-4 220lbs
  • 2018 Stats: 3567 Passing Yards, 32 Touchdowns, 6 Interceptions, 64.0 Completion %

Love is the highest variance of any QB I have scouted this year. Some list him 1st, some leave him out of the top 7. I believe his is a certain first round talent and will likely be picked as such, but his is a unique case.

Love absolutely jumps off the page when you watch film, his arm talent and ability to fire pinpoint passes is quickly apparent. He also possesses top end athleticism for the position despite his lack of rushing stats. What is also apparent is that Love can fall into the tendency of playing too fast, which resulted and several nearly intercepted passes. Can his high energy style of playing QB work? His stock will be one my favorite stories to watch this season.

Pro Comparison: Russell Westbrook, Houston Rockets

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