2020 NFL Draft Guide: Tua Tagovailoa

Other Factors


The one thing I can tell from Tua’s time in college is that he drinks the “Franchise Quarterback cool aid” as FS1’s Colin Cowherd calls it. Meaning that he is a responsible young man that seems to say and do all the right things on the field, at the podium, and in the locker room. Tua seems to be a very disciplined young man of strong faith who his teammates appear to rally around. He should have no problem fitting into, and leading, an NFL locker room right away. Grade: 9/10


If there is one legitimate concern about Tagovailoa, it’s his now extensive injury history. Tua has two ankle surgeries and a hip surgery in the last two seasons, and when paired with his relative small stature, it could cost him his top 5 draft status. Grade: 6/10

Experience and Production

Tua has a total of 24 college starts and while my preference is at least 30 (an old Bill Parcells rule), Tua produced on such a high level and for a great team, that it’s easy for me to overlook a few starts. The projected top five pick has produced two of the most efficient seasons I’ve ever scouted. Not much to say here. Grade: 10/10

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