2020 NFL Draft Guide: Tua Tagovailoa

Scouting Report

All Quarterbacks scouted by USN Analysts will be broken down into 5 categories Accuracy, Arm Strength, Pocket Presence, decision making, and mobility.


Tua is easily one of the more accurate passers of the last few years, with the ability to fit the ball into tight windows in all areas of the field. The Projected Top 5 pick is possibly the best anticipatory thrower I have ever scouted, as he has a Drew Brees- Esque ability to throw players open when they are covered. With that being said, the Alabama Star’ has regressed slightly on a few routes this season, such as crossing routes where the ball sometimes comes in a bit behind the intended target. This is more frequent than last season but it’s still rare. For the most part Tua is as deadly accurate as they come. Grade: 9/10

Pocket Presence

Like Joe Burrow of LSU, Tua has an innate feel for the game that very few pro passers seem to possess, and this extends to Tua’s pocket presence. With the ability to feel the pressure coming, adjust and throw a strike or scramble when necessary, Tua navigates a sometimes chaotic pocket like an experienced conductor. Grade: 9/10

Decision Making

I sincerely apologize for the spoiler alert but, any QB with a +76 TD to INT differential is likely to score well in this category. As you would likely expect the film backs this up, as Tua truly excels at reading the defense, knowing where to go with the ball and keeping the ball out of harms way in the process. Grade: 9/10

Arm Strength

Just looking at Tua, some would probably assume he would have an average to below average arm due to his small stature. I’ve even read as much in scouting reports, which is why I’m addressing it. It is lazy, and it is completely false. Tagovailoa has more than enough arm strength to make every NFL throw with the velocity to fit in to those tight windows he’ll see at the next level. He’s not going to throw 75 yard passes at the combine and break the internet but he is more than capable of ripping off 45+ yard bombs in tight coverage in real games. Grade: 8/10


While no by no means is Tua, Lamar Jackson, he is a very good athlete from the pocket, able to escape pressure with relative ease. He is also more than capable of taking off and running for a first down and more with his speed. I don’t believe however, that he should be relied upon for designed runs due to his injury history, nor do I believe he is athletic enough to win consistently running in this manner. Grade: 8/10

Overall Film Grade

Analysis: Tua is one of the more difficult prospects to project due to his top 5 pick talent level, number 1 overall hype coming into the season and his now concerning injury history that now includes hip and multiple ankle surgeries. If not for the Injuries a top 2 selection would be all but assured, but he is now at risk of falling from the top 5. As a pro, if he can stay healthy, Tua’s feel for the game and accuracy will allow him to excel very quickly. I would not be surprised if multiple pro bowls were in his future.

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