2020 NFL Draft Guide: Justin Herbert

Other Factors


Herbert has recently come under fire for having a fairly shy personality, and questioning if that will cause issues as a leader at the next level. Though he is noted as quiet, I have not found one single report for a teammate or a coach that would lend any actual evidence to these claims. Teammates and coaches loved Herbert at the college level and my belief is that it will be no different in the pro’s. Grade: 9/10


Herbert has one major injury in college, a broken collarbone in 2017, but has shown no signs of durability issues, and seems to take hits really well. Herbert figures to be a mostly durable and healthy player in the NFL. Grade: 8/10

Experience and Production

Herbert is a battle tested veteran of 43 starts with the top end production to match his elite NFL traits. Though he doesn’t have the peak production of a Joe Burrow or the efficiency of a Tua Tagovailoa, Herbert is still an extremely productive and efficient player. Grade: 9/10

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