2020 NFL Draft Guide: Justin Herbert

Scouting Report

All Quarterbacks scouted by USN Analysts will be broken down into 5 categories Accuracy, Arm Strength, Pocket Presence, decision making, and mobility.


Herbert demonstrates the type of A+ accuracy that makes big time throws into tight windows look easy. Unfortunately he mixes those highlight reel throws with a few bad misses on easy throws. The good news is with Herbert is definitely more good than bad. Grade: 8/10

Decision Making

Herbert leaves college with a +72 Touchdown to Interception differential, so he’s certainly not turnover prone. With that said Herbert can at times make the wrong read, resulting in an occasional interception or more often, leaving plays on the field. Overall though, he takes care of the football and avoids throwing interceptions in bunches, which should translate fine to the next level. Grade: 7/10

Pocket Presence

On one hand, Herbert is a master of avoiding pressure and turning broken pockets into completions or scrambles. On the other hand he can tend to play hero ball, relying on his talent a little too much, which could get him into trouble in the NFL. Herbert navigates the pocket well, and has gotten better at keeping his footwork while throwing under pressure. This should only get better with good coaching. Grade: 8/10

Arm Strength

The best arm in this class, Herbert should enter the NFL as one of its strongest arms from day one. Able to push the ball down field, with the velocity to get it into windows it shouldn’t be able to fit into. His over reliance on his arm can get him into the occasional trouble but it will also gives him the highest ceiling in this class. Grade: 9/10


Mobility and scrambling ability are different. That’s important to understand bc even though Herbert has the ability to be a Josh Allen like scrambler in the pro’s it’s his pocket mobility that impresses me most. With his blend of size, speed, and agility he is a hard man to get down in the pocket. Grade: 9/10


  • Overall Film Grade: 8.2/10
  • Pro Comp(s): Carson Wentz, Drew Lock
  • Projection: Top 10 pick

Analysis: Herbert has fallen recently after reports surfaced that he has a shy personality. His game however, is certainly not shy, and with the proper coaching Herbert can develop into one of the game’s premiere passer. I believe also has a very safe floor and should win a lot of games in this league.

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