2020 NFL Draft Guide: Jordan Love

Other Factors


This is currently subject to change as more info comes out. Love is beloved by his teammates and all who have spoke to and or about him. I however have to give him a lower grade than I believe he deserves here due to his recent red flag. As much as I feel that this will all turn out to be nothing, any arrest in the pre draft process strikes as poor judgement and will drop him lower on my board until all of the information comes to light. Grade: 6/10


Love has seemingly only suffered from minor injuries that don’t appear to be recurring, this isnt a concern for love. Grade: 10/10

Experience and Production

Love has the requisite experience with 35 starts to come into the league with some level of comfort, and has been reasonably productive over his time at Utah State, the drop in production this season remains a concern though. Grade: 8/10

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