2020 NFL Draft Guide: Jordan Love

Scouting Report

All Quarterbacks scouted by USN Analysts will be broken down into 5 categories Accuracy, Arm Strength, Pocket Presence, decision making, and mobility.


When Love is rhythm there is no window he can’t fit the ball into, and he seemingly throws it as well deep as he does on short passes. When Love is hurried, or his footwork becomes inconsistent, a much larger portion of passes hit the ground. The good new here is that with good coaching, a lot of these issues can be corrected at the next level. Grade: 7/10

Decision Making

After the 2018 season I graded Love a very good decision maker who played very aggressively but didn’t turn the ball over very often. In 2019 Love threw 12 fewer touchdown passes and 11 more interceptions. What’s the caused this change? The film shows a Quarterback that was trying to do far too much in 2019 and this lead to alot of double covered deep balls. Love has to be reigned in at the next level, and will need a good coach to do it. Grade: 6/10

Pocket Presence

Love navigates the pocket well as he goes through his progressions and is adept at getting away from pressure. However love has a tendency to leave the pocket a bit early and/or holding the ball far too long in the attempt to make a play. NFL talent on the OL and at the skill positions could resolve this issue for Love on Sundays. Grade: 8/10

Arm Strength

Love has an absolute Cannon! If you are an evaluator that loves arm strength, this has to be your favorite draft in years! Love’s arm strength absolutely jumps off the page and is right there with Herbert and Eason as elite arms at any level. Grade: 9/10


Im not exactly sure what Love is going to run in the 40, but he is a more than effective at buying time in the pocket and as a scrambler or even on designed runs. He doesn’t rely on his legs the way that Jalen Hurts does, but he could easily run at the level of Mitch Trubisky at the next level if asked to do so. Grade: 9/10


  • Overall Film Grade: 7.8/10
  • Pro Comp(s): Jay Cutler, Russell Westbrook (NBA Player)
  • Projection: First Round pick

Analysis: Love has the widest range of outcomes of any first round pick in this class. He could turn out to be a full blown bust, a future MVP, or just about anything in between. The important thing for Love will be going to a solid team with a great coaching staff and the opportunity to take a Pat Mahomes redshirt year. If he can be riegned in, he could take advantage of his near unlimited potential.

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