2020 NFL Draft Guide: Joe Burrow

Other Factors


I could talk about the way Burrow’s teammates follow him as the leader of the team (they do), but I would rather talk about the contributions Burrow made through his Heisman trophy speech to bring attention to the poverty in his home town of Athens Ohio. Instead of making that moment about him, he chose to make it about the children in that community. It is for that reason I am giving him one of the only tens I’ve ever given in this category. Grade: 10/10


The National Champion QB, just produced the single most dominant single season in the history of College Football, and if his previous season’s lined up along the same lines, I would likely have to break my scale and give Burrow an 11. Thankfully this is not the case and my scale remains in tact. However, the production this season (especially the Playoffs) is so great, Burrow earns the highest grade that I give. Grade: 10/10


Injury played a huge role in Burrow transferring from Ohio State University to LSU, as it was a broken hand that took him out of the long term plans of the Ohio State coaching staff. The hand was a freak injury and it seems that Burrow has been durable ever since.

Update: Burrow suffered an apparent rib injury in the national Championship game. He finished the game and was still historically productive. This seems to be a non issue. Grade: 9/10

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