2020 NFL Draft Guide: Joe Burrow

Scouting Report

All Quarterbacks scouted by USN Analysts will be broken down into 6 categories Accuracy, Arm Strength, Pocket Presence, decision making, mobility and Intangibles.


During the 2019 season, Burrow put on one of the most accurate seasons I have ever scouted. He posted a completion percentage of 77.9 for the season that most of us can’t even post in video games. On further inspection, this becomes even more impressive as Burrow displays plus accuracy to all areas of the field, even routinely completing big time throws against stiff SEC defenses. Though his accuracy can dip when he rushes his footwork, Burrow is extremely impressive in this area of his game. Grade: 9/10

Pocket Presence

Though he can hold the ball a bit too long at times, Burrow has outstanding pocket presence. Burrow is able to sense pressure coming before it happens, move well, reset his feet and deliver a strike under pressure. His tendency to create magic out of broken pockets is reminiscent of an early career Tony Romo. Grade: 9/10

Decision Making

The Heisman winner is a remarkable decision maker, routinely knowing when to take what the defense gives him, or when to push the ball down field. Burrow is also great at limiting turnovers with a career +55 TD to INT Differential (5 to 1 Ratio). This is the one area of Burrow’s game I believe is the most transferable to the NFL level. Grade: 9/10

Arm Strength

Burrow throws an excellent deep ball, and has demonstrated the ability to make all the requisite NFL throws. The LSU Star routinely throws short to intermediate throws with excellent zip. However, this is by no means an elite trait for Burrow and its especially noticeable in a draft class with Jacob Eason, Jordon Love, and Justin Herbert. The bottom line here is that Burrow has a good enough NFL arm but don’t expect Josh Allen’s deep ball. Grade: 7/10


Burrow is an excellent scrambler at the college level, but he isn’t especially fast or a power runner like Cam Newton OR Dak Prescott. Burrow excels at the mental aspect of scrambling, reading a defense and taking the yards available. He’s also a great thrower on the move. He will do well extending plays or executing an occasional scramble for a first down, but Burrow runs far too flat footed to succeed as runner at the NFL level. Grade: 7/10


Analysis: Burrow had one of, if not the, greatest seasons ever and deserves to be a top 3 pick in this year’s class. He seems to have an advanced feel for the game that should bode well for him at the next level. My only concern is that he doesn’t have any elite physical traits. His rapid jump from a day 3 pick to a top 3 concern as well. Overall I believe that a kid that could attempt and make the unbelievable number of big time throws that Burrow did against the highest level of competition, should have no reason not to be a star at the NFL level for years to come.

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