2019 NBA Mock Draft Top 5 Preview March 2019

1. New York Knicks

Zion Williamson (Duke) (Freshman) (Power Forward) 6-7

The Knicks first domino into a rebuild decades in the making falls in place. Zion Williamson playing in Madison Square Garden should be a site to see! If the knicks have it their way it will be along side Kevin Durant and possibly Kyrie Irving. Zion has the most hype for any prospect since LeBron James and the tape tells the whole story.

2. Phoenix Suns

Ja Morant (Murray State) (Sophomore) (Point Guard) 6-3

As we saw in round one of the NCAA tournament Morant can do it all. He delivered the first triple double in the tournament since 2012. The Suns need someone to be a do it all point guard so Devin Booker can settle in and do what he does best which is shoot. Morant could be a vital part of tying all these young players skill sets together while trying to avoid another embarrassing season.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers

RJ Barrett (Duke) (Freshman) (Shooting Guard) 6-7

Let’s be honest the Cavaliers will take the best player on the board this year. In this mock that is Barrett who can provide solid interior scoring while trying to work on his three ball. As of this writing Barrett has been solid in the NCAA tournament but Morant has shown more in a smaller sample size. For Barrett to get back to the #2 prospect he will have to be GREAT moving forward.

4. Chicago Bulls

De’Andre Hunter (Virginia) (Sophomore) (Small Forward) 6-7

The Bulls could very well go PG here but for now I have them taking the big man from Virginia. He can drain the 3 ball which could pair well with Markkanen and LaVine. He also is a great defender which the Bulls need desperately.

5. Atlanta Hawks

Cam Reddish (Duke) (Freshman) (Small Forward) 6-8

The Hawks will look to add play makers and Reddish on paper fits the bill. I believe he is the biggest risk vs reward selection in the draft. You could get a Paul George like player or you could get a part time guy. Either way if Reddish is on the board here I see them snagging up Reddish purely based on upside.

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