2019 NBA Free Agency Team Updates #1 (Suns, 76ers, and Knicks)

New York Knicks

     This team went from flying high and dreaming big to hitting the ceiling and smacking the floor. Adding Julius Randle, Bobby Portis, Taj Gibson, and Reggie Bullock for $135 million dollars is a far cry from landing Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Julius Randle at 3 years $63 million could be a solid deal as long as he continues to improve after a career year in New Orleans. Overall they have slapped a best case scenario bandage on this gunshot wound of an offseason. James Dolan has let down the fan base once again which is a common trend. From not offering a max to Durant to trading Kristaps Porzingis the horror story never ends. I hope it gets better one day for all you true fans out there.

Phoenix Suns

     Ricky Rubio 3 years $51 million is a solid short term solution to the point guard problem they desperately needed to address. To make this deal happen they had to shed some cap space by making a trade for a salary dump. DeAnthony Melton, Josh Jackson, 2020 2nd round pick and 2021 second round pick to Grizzlies for Kyle Korver and Jevon Carter. This helps both sides accomplish what they are working towards (gaining long term salary space and getting younger). Also the Suns signed Frank Kaminsky for 2 years $10 million. During the NBA Draft Dario Saric was added via trade.

Philadelphia 76ers

Tobias Harris 5 years $180 million / Al Horford 4 years $109 million / Ben Simmons 5 years $168 million extension / Josh Richardson joins via still ongoing trade with Miami Heat and trade partners to be determined. Spending money was the name of the game for the 76ers. While I may not be a fan of some of theses salaries it ultimately created a top tier Eastern Conference roster. Jimmy Butler and J.J. Reddick are gone but have been replaced very quickly with this new look lineup. Kyle O’Quinn 1 year minimum contract is also a solid addition to the roster. The 76ers fan base has a lot to be excited about (even if it might have cost too much).

This was the first in a series covering the most active teams in the free agent frenzy! STAY TUNED

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